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SVMelodies is a non-profit organization with a simple goal: to spread positivity through the arts. We believe that music can unite people of all backgrounds, and that is why we aim to spread music education to all aspects of our communities. All of the funds that we raise from private lessons, charity events, and your donations go to help fund music programs in schools. In the midst of this pandemic, our goal has not changed. In fact, we are more determined than ever to spread joy and music wherever we can. We have come to realize just how important it is to focus on the things that make us happy in order to maintain our livelihoods during these unprecedented times.  We offer lessons and services to people of all ages and backgrounds- music is universal, after all. We hope you join us on our journey as we spread music in and beyond our community.


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Hi, my name is Irena and I’ve been playing piano for over 10 years. Throughout my journey I’ve completed the Certificate of Merit test with branch and state honors, placed at national competitions, and had the honor of performing at Carnegie Hall. I can’t wait to inspire young musicians and help students reach their full potential!


Zoe Lee


Hey! My name is Zoe, and I am a senior in high school. I have played piano for over 10 years and completed the Certificate of Merit Advance Level 10, National Guild 5-year Honor Roll, and more. I have been in multiple bands -- both classical and jazz -- and solo performances. I play either the flute or tenor saxophone in my bands. I hope to gift the learning and fun experiences music has given me to young musicians of all abilities!



Brandon Bao


Hi, my name is Brandon and I'm a senior who has been playing the cello for over 8 years. I am the section principal for Fremont Youth Symphony Orchestra, and was given the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall. Asides from music, I love basketball, biology, and leadership. I can't wait to use my experiences to help everyone of all skill levels! 

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Hey everyone! I'm Erika, a current senior at Lynbrook High School and I'm super excited to be your new Communications Director! I've been playing piano for over 10 years and I'm currently working towards CAPMT Level 11 this school year. Since middle school, I've performed for various occasions: from retirement homes to competitions, I've always been in a musical environment that lets me express myself and de-stress from everything academic. I look forward to bringing that same positive energy to help SVMelodies and their students reach their full potential!

Communications Director

Erika Wu


Aaron Zhou

Tech Director

What's up all! My name is Aaron, and I am a senior at Mission San Jose High School. I have been singing for 10 years, and I've performed as a soli for Crystal Children's Choir at Carnegie Hall and Vienna, Austria. I also have two years of experience teaching vocals for non-for-profit organizations. Aside from singing, I am also a percussionist in the California Youth Symphony's Associate Orchestra with seven years of experience playing percussion. Just like my peers, I am excited to help students reach their full potential in music!

Issac Hsiung

Education Director

Hi! My name is Issac and I’m a junior in high school. I’ve played violin for 8 years and have passed ABRSM’s Grade 8 with distinction. I’m currently working towards ATCL, and I play in Golden State Youth Orchestra’s Senior Symphony. I hope I can help bring the language of music to more young musicians!

These individuals have contributed incredible time and effort through their teaching

Featured Teachers

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John Zeng

Hi, my name is John Zeng and I'm a junior at Harker. I started choir at the age of 8 and fell in love with singing. I've been in choir for over 7 years and I hope to inspire other kids to sing.

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Sanvi  Verma

Hi, my name is Sanvi! I'm 16 years old and a junior in high school. I've been playing guitar for seven years now, and really enjoy teaching it!

Kevin Ren.jpg

Kevin Ren

Hi, my name is Kevin and I'm a sophomore at Homestead High School. I have 5 years experience playing trumpet. I've been in Marching Band, HHS Brass Ensemble, Santa Clara County Honor Band, and I've also been principal trumpet at HHS Wind Ensemble and GSYO Sinfonietta Orchestra. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and I am honored to be a part of your musical journey.

Kristin headshot.jpg


Kristin Zhao is in the graduating class of 2022, and she goes to Lynbrook High School. She has been playing piano for 11 years, and passed CM Advanced Level 10 with honors. Kristin also sings and plays as an accompanist for her choir. Other than music, she enjoys reading and spending time with her friends and family.



I'm currently a sophomore attending high school at Harker, and I've been playing piano and flute for about as long as I can remember. I love music, and I'm so excited to share that with other people!



Hi, my name is Kaiwen and I'm a junior at Archbishop Mitty High School. I have been playing piano for over 10 years, and have passed the 10th level of the Certificate of Merit exams. In school, I have also taken AP Music Theory, and have a lot of experience with music in general. I hope I can help inspire a new wave of musicians!


Katherine Wu

Hi, I’m Katherine and I’ve been playing piano for 7 years. I recently passed the 8th level of the Certificate of Merit test and also placed 2nd in the US Open national piano competition. I enjoy helping people learn piano according to their desired pace.


Janice Chong

Hello! My name is Janice Chong, and I am a sophomore at Lynbrook High School. I started singing in choir when I was six and have taken solo lessons since the fourth grade. I also volunteered as a pianist at my choir last year, which is why I became interested in teaching music.



Hi, I'm Jeremy, a pianist that has been playing piano for around 8 years and have past most of the Certificate Merit exams. I really enjoy helping others learn piano and can play virually almost all new piano pieces.


Patricia Diaz-Bian

Hello! I’m Patricia Diaz-Bian, a senior at Monta Vista High School. My mom started signing me up for music lessons from a very young age, so I grew up playing music. As a result, I have 13 years experience on piano, 12 years experience in choir, and 6 years experience on double string bass. Music has helped me succeed in all aspects of my life and I hope to pass on the wonders of music to many other people!


Rohan Ahuja

Hi, I am Rohan Ahuja and I have been playing Guitar for about 8 years. I grew up playing with my dad trying to learn rock songs that we listened to together, and playing through my 8 years has been a very enjoyable experience. I can play all types of guitar, but I specialize in guitar solos or rock songs. 

image0 (1).jpeg


Hi! I'm Dara and I'm a sophomore and I have been playing piano since I was 5. Last year, I passed the advanced level of CM. Piano has brought so much joy and I can't wait to be able to teach you and share with you one of my passions!


Madison Skeldon

Hi, my name is Maddie and I’m a fifteen-year-old musician. My main instrument is piano, which I have been playing for ten years. My music experience includes successfully completing the National Piano Playing Auditions, winning several awards at the Keys Piano Challenges, and much more. I enjoy teaching kids of all ages and abilities.


Lucy Feng

I have adored singing since I was a toddler. I've been in Crystal Children's Choir since 2nd grade and attended ACDA Honor Choirs five times at state, region, and nationwide levels. My journey with a vocal coach began two years ago, and I have learned many valuable skills and lessons that I hope to pass onto others.



"Hello! My name is Tejas Kurkure, and I’m a junior at Homestead High School. I have been playing piano since I was 8 years old and this year I am taking AP Music Theory at school so I have a lot of experience with music and theory. In my free time, I like to read and watch movies!


Tingyo Chang

Hello! My name is Tingyo Chang and I am a junior at Homestead High School. I've been playing piano for eleven years, and I have experience teaching students of all ages. I believe learning music is not only a cool skill to have, but it can be a fantastic way to relax. I hope to provide students with the necessary skills to find the same comfort in music that I do.


Kai Burich

Hello!! My name is Kai and I attend the Harker school. I have been in love with trumpet ever since my music teacher first introduced me to it. I've been first trumpet in our jazz band for the past two years and I am so excited to teach and help students find passion in their instrument!

Samantha Wuo.jpg

Samantha Wuo

Hi! My name is Samantha and I have been playing piano for 8 years. I have recently passed the Certificate of Merit Level Advanced with State Honors, and I was a winner of the 2020 Golden State Youth Orchestra Piano Concerto Competition. In my free time, I love speedcubing and eating cookies. 

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